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1. Self-Encounter: The Gate to Consciousness
[media:20120824121752780 width:640 height:360 src:disp alt:1 align:none] Many summers ago, when I was studying at Mandalay University, a classmate invited me to his hometown, Taungyi, in Shan State in Northern Burma. Shan State is somewhat like Northern California, never too hot during summer and never too cold during winter, a perfect ...
by Samuel Stone on 08/24 12:18PM - Story - 15,816 Hits

2. The Power of Emptiness
[media:20120629180331556 alt:1 width:640 height:360 src:orig align:none] The home that I liked to visit most as a child was my big aunt’s home in Rangoon. I didn’t know what attracted me then, but I felt very comfortable in their living room. It had a set of very simple sofas and tables. ...
by Samuel Stone on 06/29 05:59PM - Story - 12,695 Hits

3. Easter, Eternal Life, and the Quality of Time
John 20:1-18 Christ is risen! I wonder if I were among the disciples on the first Easter and Mary Magdalene came and announced to us that she had seen the Lord, how I would have reacted. Would I have been among those disciples who believed right away, or like Thomas ...
by Samuel Stone on 04/08 12:14PM - Story - 11,539 Hits

4. Purpose Within to Purpose Without
What is your purpose in life? I’ve discovered that for many people finding their purpose in life can be a daunting task. The Chinese believe that you won’t get clarity of your life purpose until you are fifty years old (五十而知天命). But, does it really have to be so difficult ...
by Samuel Stone on 02/01 06:42PM - Story - 48,842 Hits